Giudici Campinato Italiano PSI 2022

Maya Mircheva (Germany) - head judge

Maya was born in Bulgaria but is based in Germany. She has been a part of the IPSF since 2017 as a member of the technical and aerial committees and also involved in the federations committee. Maya has been an IPSF judge since 2017 and a head judge since 2020.

Arianna Rieti (Italy) - technical deduction 

I was born in Rome 38 years ago.
After graduating in Architecture, I met Pole Dance and it was love right away. Moving to different cities, I tried different schools and different pole styles that made me fall in love more and more. This year I decided to take the judges course to be an active part in this world that I love and that I want to make known to everyone. And here I am, ready and charged for this new experience, hoping to be up to these fantastic athletes.

Bruno Kraemer (France) - compulsories

Bruno is 35 years old. He comes from France and has been involved with pole for 6 years and 3 years for Aerial Hoop and Silk. He loves to travel and learn new things.

Michail Gerapetritis (Greece) - technical bonus
(Lands at 12 at FCO)

Michail is a movement exploration enthusiast, pole artist and instructor, and as of 2021, a proud member of the IPSF Judging body. His personal research on Holistic Pole Fluidity explores the ways kinetic phraseology, coming from dancing and the broader fitness world, as well as the individual movers' corporality, can be implemented to both athletic and artistic aspects of pole. He is a Doctor of Mathematics, currently working on geometric aspects of Data Science.

Marharyta Pykhova (Portugal) - artistic & choreography

9 years in pole dance, 7 years of coaching, 4 years of judging in different countries. World IPSF judge in 2021.
Online coach, athlete, winner of around 15 champions and a coach of dozens of champions. Winner of the "Coach of the year" reward in Ukraine.
Pole championship organiser and workshops representer.

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